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Some products

Champagne has become the quintessential celebratory beverage, effervescence with notes of orange zest, peach nectar and ozonics complement the berry and pear subtleties.
119 SEK
In stock: 19

Sparkling citrus and bergamot meld into earthy notes of rosemary and juniper complemented by woody tones of cedarwood, patchouli and sandalwood.
139 SEK
In stock: 1

Juicy wild strawberry is the primary note of this succulent strawberry dessert candle. Fruity notes of the luscious berry with spicy maple complementeed by white cake, vanilla and sweet cream.
139 SEK
In stock: 1

Experience a Napa Valley vineyard with notes of ripe grapes, hints of rosewood and sweet herbs all wrapped in the warmth of sandlewood and musk.
139 SEK
In stock: 1